Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Birthday card for Didee

I made this last week, for Didee's belated birthday. Didee's a friend I met while doing my Masters, and we clicked instantly on the very first day we've met. I made this in 2 hours, right before our planned lunch date, last week. I promised her a birthday card ages ago haha, but only managed to finally made it on the day of our outing hehe.

The idea came spontaneously, but I always wanted to do flowers-related quilling. Plus, when we were in Vietnam during a short-stint visit organised by the school, we found some quilled cards (which Didee bought and I regrettably didn't) and she adored them very much. So of course I had to make a quilled card as well hehe.

I'm glad she loves this card (and even promote ME on her facebook hahaha), and hope it's going to be a long-lasting friendship.

To Didee, thank you for being a great partner in crime! Love u dear!

p/s: This card was also part of the inspiration for my Little Black Box.

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