Friday, October 17, 2008

Expression of Art

I just have to blog about this.

We had a blast in our Art Appreciation class today. Well, the original course name is "Curricular Issues in TESL" but I always prefer to call it Art Appreciation class anyway, because we have the weekly class at an Art Studio, and are taught by an Art Professor (who happens to be very proficient in other field as well). I always look forward for Prof Syukor's class, as the class always starts with a makan-makan session, and it's sooo relaxing to learn in an everchanging surroundings (he changed the drawings every few weeks).

So today, we have our official Art Appreciation Day. It carries marks, and we got to express ourselves through painting, with guidance from Prof Syukor. We are to express ourselves through the Freudian and Jung's conscious and subconscious theories - in other words, expressing our dream through our painting, taking into consideration a symbolic representation of our dream. I had lots and lots of fun painting, even though I know I'm not very good with brushes. But it's a great process of learning and Prof gave a very constructive criticism afterward. We're going to present the artwork in front of class next week, and I really want to share this with you guys...

This is my first ever abstract painting, inspired by strokes by Jackson Pollock (googled his name for clearer explanation).

(this is taken during the process of splashing the colours - look at my hand!)

This is totally an ameteurish work, and I have a lot to learn. For one, I have to learn how to perfecting my strokes, as for now, I don't think I have any stroke hahaha. I need to learn how to play with strokes, as it would personalised my painting. Secondly, Prof said there're still some empty spaces and I have to learn how to fill in the gap. On the good side, he said I expressed a lot of unconscious motives in my painting, and it is very expressive. Which is true. I put so many emotions on it when I splashed the colours that at one point, I nearly cried. Whick is a bit weird. But then, after the whole painting exercise, I felt really tired, and exhausted, but felt free at the same time. I felt like few kilos had been lifted from my shoulders. I should do this more. :)

p/s: More pictures at facebook.


  1. miyyah!

    i luv ur blog. Full of arts...

    I suka buat2 kad sendiri tapi tak kreatip mana pun. ;-(

    btw, nak tanya.
    Flower punch tu mmg ada ek? beli kat mana ek? kat stationery ada ke?

  2. thanks kayusakti. For me, as long as the cards are hand-made, semua cantik. Sebab buat guna hati (chewah)

    Punches selalu ada jual kat stationery stores, walaupun x banyak. Flower punch tu beli kat papier, the curve, sebb dh satu kl cari susah benar nak jumpa.

  3. miyyah,
    kat the curve tu tingkat brapa ek? nama kedai tu papier ek?

    saya kat sarawak. dan akan ke kl next week. maybe nak singgah

  4. kayusakti,

    this is the address of the papier.

    Lot 161, 1st Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

    Have fun ok. (oh, di OU pun ada banyak scrapbooking stores. Midvalley juga!)



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