Friday, October 24, 2008

Cake, anyone?

Today's our last class for the semester. We've submitted all our assignments (except for Academic Discourse) so life's been calm again. At least for a while hehe.

We had our last presentation tonight, and had lots of fun doing it. Partly because it's our last project for the semester, and another reason was that because we've put so much efforts onto the presentation.

And I want to share one part of the presentations that we did, in which involved lots of crafting skills and group work hehe. Here's our presentation rewards for everyone - A WEDDING CAKE! (... except that it's sweets inside instead of cakes hehehe)

Our presentation 'theme' is Wedding (or Kenduri Kawin) so everyone in the group dressed for a great kenduri feast, complete with mp3s of kompang and Selamat Pengantin Baru by Saloma haha. We received great feedback from the audience and I believe, our efforts were well-acknowledged - which is very satisfying.

It's my first "cake" and I'm sooo excited about this. I found the cake template online, and Sara and Kak Non helped in quilling the flowers and the 'icing' and the end result looks good! hehehehe...

Will do a tutorial on this later, if time permits, InsyaAllah. Enjoy the yummy cake!


  1. gave me an idea for Naqib's coming birthday. So clever, huh? I like.....

  2. Heheheheheh..have fun decorating the cake!

  3. untuk kalian yang menunggu liburan dan bingung untuk cari tempat yang NYAMAN,MURAH dan STRATEGIS :) langsung aja yu kunjungi di HOSTEL MURAH DI BANDUNG COCOK UNTUK BACKPACKER



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