Saturday, August 09, 2008

LQ Challenge 5

I'm going back to Terengganu tonight and will be back to Shah Alam on Wednesday. There are few things to settle back home and I'm worried that I could not finish up Challenge 5 on time if I plan to do it at the very last minute. So, I spent the whole evening today finishing up my layout. It's a simple layout, with a twist of its own. :)

Please bear in mind that I'm not a scrapbooking person, and merely a newbie. I found it hard to scrap a layout since my cup of tea has always been cards. I feel a bit awkward having to scrap bigger sizes cardstocks, so as a newbie, I simply incorporate lots of cardmaking elements instead of scrapbooking.

Well, I enlisted these in Challenge 4:

1. Cardstock (wajib ada nih...)
2. Wrapping paper (ganti pattern paper sebab masih newbie buat lo)
3. Scissors (gunting biasa dn scallop)
4. Adhesive (dry and wet untuk lekatkan kertas n embellishments)
5. Flowers (biasanya buat sendiri untk embellishments)

And Ida said we can use pen as well, so that's definitely a relief!

So here goes my take for Challenge 5:

(click to see the journalling)

it's a layout without a picture. Ok la, I put ice-cream as the main highlight of the layout. I ado desserts so much so this is one way of appreciating them. :) I use cardstocks, wrapping paper (the dots in the middle of the flowers & the wordings), scissors (normal scissors and scallop), adhesive and hand-made flowers. Oh, and pen for journalling and the stems.

Then I decided to make a twist to the layout, so it'll be a 2 in 1 layout. Hehe. So I fold the layout, and turn it into this:

.. because I plan to give the layout to a friend, and after she's done with the yummy chocolate, she can keep the chocolate wrap in her scrapbook. So it's a fully utilized layout!

And since I'm a chocolate addict too, I can't control myself and decided to take a bite hehehehe. a I'll buy another one to replace later. ;p


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