Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blast from the past

Am blogging from the comfort of home in Terengganu. :)

I admit that I love to collect stuff. Or to some people, junks. I used to collect bus tickets (from the big white tickets to Intrakota tickets), had a whole stamp album of sweets and chocolate wrappings (before mum threw them away) and newspaper cuttings of articles and cartoons that I like (before it turned yellow and being extremely difficult to read).

Those were the momentous items that I treasured most back then. To one extent, I was so afraid that mum would throw everything away that I had to do something with my weird collection. I hadn't come across the term altered art yet then, but that time everyone had this craze over files, and we used to wrap them with wrapping papers and decorate them with cut-out pictures of handsome actors/actresses, songs, quotes etc before covering them up with a piece of translucent cover.

I was looking for some books when I bumped into what I believed to be my very first altered art ever. THE file that made me famous haha (perasan!). This file.

I made this file in 1996, when I first entered Matric Centre IIU. The whole Kit Kat wrappers were collected when I was in Form 5 (1995). I was addicted to anything sweet and chocolaty, and would at least buy a bar of Kit Kat every week - so go figure how many Kit Kat wraps that I had that time... I have no idea what brand the car was (think it was a Ferrari) but it was once on my desk in school (I LOVE school desk deco) so you know how valuable it was.

I love the file so much that I used it for years in the uni. And it did attract people. Some asked where I bought the file, some wanted to buy the so-called wrapping paper (they thought it was attached together) and for those who knew, they questioned how many Kit Kats did I have to eat to be able to complete the file. Haha. Thank God nobody wanted to look at my teeth. ;p

This file has served me for 12 long years now. The plastic looked yellowish and torn, the tapes used to stick them looked old and battered and even the file was not in a good shape (acid free - what's that?! hehe). I have this thought of re-altering the file, or use the wrapper to alter a note book or something, but I couldn't. Because I know I've put so much efforts into this, and could never have the heart to rip it off.

And it still holds some documents and is nicely arranged in one of the bookshelves at home. At least it still served what it does best. Keeping memories.


  1. Omigawd, Miyyah, I remember that file!!!I use to think to myself, 'My god, brape banyak ceklat minah ni telan?Body maintain soliddd' ha ha ha ha.

    Like you, I have my odd little collections (stamps, which I still collect until today.Yes, teramat dorkarella) and then there's clippings on the X-Files, ZITS comics (which I started collecting since 1998 first year IIU), clippings of articles written by Amir Muhammad in NST (since 1996)...

    ...and kad raya categorized as pretty and unique.I cut them out and turn 'em into bookmarks.

    I am still amazed at your scraping skills.Totally cantik.I gunting straight line pun gagal, Miyyah oi.

  2. Ohh Miyahh! you brought me down to memory lane hehehe I dah 33 so tua tapie still simpan scrapbook on NKOTB (till to the extent Tshirt yg dah tak muat tapie sbb ada muka they all ni kasik gunting masuk dlm scrapbook) Malunyee kalau anak2I jumpa, yg kelakarnya my younger sister pun ada simpan gambo Leon Lai actor Hong Kong mali lebih byk lagi dari dia simpan gambo fiance dia yg skrg hehehe. Well anyway that's a very nice file you have there. Red Ferrari & a yummylicious Kit Kat. Well Men, Car, Chocolates...Somethings are better rich!! hahaha acah yeea. Have a nice day Miyah! I truly enjoyed reading yr entry today.

  3. Lisa, I know u would remember coz I remmber you making such remark as well!! Hahahahahaha. And no, its not just in your thought.;p And I remember Kak Shita had craze over weird stuff too hahaha.

    Nana, I TOTALLY understand u!! OMG I used to collect Leon Lai toooo!!!! And my sister was obsessed with KRU she had TONS of scrapbooks on them haha.

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