Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Samples of name tags

As promised, these are the few samples of name tags that I made today. They are of varieties of sizes and designs. I'm planning to do a few more on different other design - just experimenting on what I can do hehe. The names are yet to be pasted on them. Enjoy.

This is the first design I made. It was supposed to be simple but I keep on adding more and more. Should have stopped somewhere ;p (this is for a four-letter name)

These are the second, third and fourth designs. I made these for my three little niece and nephews...

The last one is my favourite so far. I saw the design on a pillow somewhere online and thought that it was sooooo cute. So I decided to use the design on one of my name tag.

This one comes with a black ribbon so that one can hang it somewhere - on the door, window, notice board, soft board etc. I did not use any distress powder or sumthin, the smudge part was simply done using...... my old eyeshadow palette that comes in glitters muahhahahah. And it works wonders on the tag!

I would consider these as altered arts as well, since I use recycle cardboard as the base of the tags. Told you I didn't spend that much on scrapping stuff (and thats why i need to win too muahahaha)


  1. miyyah, sha nak jugak boleh... 3 letter ya S H A

  2. ok dah update nama sha..



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