Tuesday, July 01, 2008

LQ 2008 (Challenge 1)

Lovescrap forum (you have to register to view the forum) is organising challenges to find the ultimate Lovescrap Queen 2008. It will be ongoing starting 1st July (today) until 31st December 2008. The moderator will post a challenge per week and the participants will be competing for RM200 scrapping goodies but the most important part is, I get to challenge myself to finish within the deadlines.

The twist of the challenges is, we're playing by quantity! Ok, not sure whether Lovescrap is going to make a twist somewhere and quality would be played for points, but for the time being, quantity that is!

So, we've started our first challenge for the week:

Challenge 1:

Kita mulakan challenge pertama kita dengan membuat tag nama. Saya amat mengemari tag nama dah merupakan satu hadiah yang sering diberikan kepada rakan-rakan.

Mudah saja untuk membuat tag nama. Tag nama boleh diperbuat dari chipboard, cardstock dan sebarang medium. Gunakan kreativi anda untuk membuat tag nama. Saiz, warna dan bentuk adalah bebas.

Contoh tag nama :-

(kredit pic to Ida)

Markah : 10 setiap tag (2 tag 20 point dan seterusnya)
Tarikh tutup : 11.59malam 8 July

So we're starting our first challenge by creating name tags. And since it's going to be based on how many we're able to do in a week, I plan to do as many as I can, since I know july - september would be the busiest months for me. So points that I would collect for the earlier challenges would really help later. (Yes dear, I'm playing to win muahahha)

So back to my point.

I've started a few (since am still on both school breaks) and my classes will only resume next week. So, since I'm doing name tags, I would need lots of names to start with. Of course I can't write my name on all the name tags. Lama-lama karang aku yang termuntah tengok nama sendiri...

Therefore, since I've started this blog, probably you readers could help (to keep myself going).

Hence, I am now offering you, you and you a personalised name tag (varies in size though) of your choice for FREE. Consider that as the blog's welcoming door gift :P. I would limit one name per person, and you could pick a range between a 2-letter word and 6-letter word.

For example, say your name is MIYYAH. So it's a 6 letter word. If it's IKA, then its a three letter word (the explanation is for those who can't count - like me).

So I'm opening 10 free name tags for you to grab. Oh, no chance of choosing your name tag though, as the choice would solely be on me (coz it also depends on how long your name would be).

The list will be as follows:

2-letter word

3-letter word
1. Sha

4-letter word
1. Ajim

5-letter word
1. Farha
2. Farah

6-letter word

It will be on first come first serve basis. Anyone can join even if you're a lovescrapper hehehe (and the name tags will be sent to you (or self-pick up) no matter where you are on planet Earth. Any taker? Please put your name on either @ the comment box or @ anjung.

Will post the examples of name tags that I've done today, by tonight.

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