Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And the flowers bloom for spring

I went to Mid Valley last Sunday and stopped by Art Friend at The Garden. There are sooo many things in the shop that you want to take all! They have different types of stamp pads that are priced reasonably and lots of stamps collection - from rubber, clear to foam stamps. I remember seeing a box of 6 stamps (wordings) sold at less than RM50. And I saw embossing tools (a set of three - with different size) that is priced at RM17++! I didn't buy much though, just some pattern papers (RM.90 each), replenishing some A4 cardstocks and a kid's stamp pad (since I'm very new at stamping and it only costs me RM8.90 - for 5 colours hehe). Not bad.

Ok. So this next card is actually made from one of the cardstocks that I bought at Art Friend. I love A4 size cs coz I don't have to scor and can just fold the card to the intended size (I don't use ruler!). I normally made a card and a gift tag out of an A4 cs.

Remember the tutorial on how to make your own Primas? The red flowers for the card used the same embossing techniques, except that they come in different flower shape. Different flower shapes can give different embossing result to your flower. The half-shape pearls in the middle of the flowers are actually for nail deco and art. I bought a small pack of them at a girl's accessories shop and it only costs me RM2.50 for the whole pack. I also bought some small red diamonds used for similar purposes and it only costs me RM1.50! I saw a slightly similar diamonds at Art Friend that priced at RM19.90! Now I know where to get my craft supplies with cheaper prices...

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  1. Buat kalian ada yang BARU nih sayangi GEDGET kalian yaaa:) banyak INFORMASI yang bakal kalian tau dengan lihat link-link ini langsung saja yuuu:)



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