Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vietnamese Quilling

This, might take a while to read. I'm in the mood to write, thus you can expect a very long entry. Feel free to skip any part if you wish. :P

If this blog has an expiry date for a backdated entries, this one would've expired ages ago heh. I have the habit of leaving my items at the most unexpected places, and tend to misplace... almost everything. The photos from this trip were scattered in few different hard disks, so it took me a while to gather my favourite photos and put them up in an entry.

I went for a personal trip to Vietnam some time last year (told you it's been a while lol), and had the opportunity to explore the beauty of handmade crafts there. I was lucky to have a local guiding me around, and once she knew I was into arts and crafts, she brought me to all these wonderful arts/ craft places. It didn't take me long to realise that quilling artworks were sold EVERYWHERE. Not only the Vietnamese are able to produce quilling artworks in bulk and sell them on streets of Vietnam, they even export them to other countries!

I don't know much about Vietnamese Quilling so I'll leave it to you to find that out on your own (Mr Google, anyone?).  According to the local guide, quilling artworks can be found almost everywhere on the streets of Ho Chi Minh, and mostly targeted for foreign tourists, since the motives are very culturalistic - as in the recurring themes are Vietnam sceneries, tourist spots etc. Nature and animals are also the recurring motives in the quilling artworks. They even re-create some famous paintings into quilling forms too.

What amazed me most about Vietnamese Quilling was the thin paper strips used to make the design. They used as thin as 1mm paper strips to create the intricate designs. Mind-blowing! And I love how they shape the paper as well.

I shamelessly spent quite a sum for the artworks, so I could get inspired by them. I do have plans to go there again, and revisit all these wonderful places and learn them first-hand. One day, perhaps. :-)


  1. wow, very beautiful work there.

  2. wow is right ,gorgeous works,very interesting, thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Wow, they are really great quill work. I have heard that the Vietnamese quilling is amazing from a friend sometime back. I'm going to Hanoi this Oct, hopefully I can make time to hunt down them. If not mistaken, the Vietnamese quilling is started by a company called Sun & Moon. I did a brief post on them

    1. Oh wow! Their quilling artworks are amazing!!! I haven't been to Hanoi, but in HCM, you can find quilling artworks made by different companies. and one of the most recurring 'brand' that I've seen is Vietnet. I've even seen some of the quillings produced by the same company in streets of Singapore.

      According to my guide in HCM, even children are able to quill and produce them (in good quality) and in mass (which left me gaping and wanting to go back!). I'm still curious of how they did it! I need to go back to HCM and learn!

      Have fun in Hanoi, and prepare to go crazy with all the wonderful quilling!

    2. Produce in mass? Wow, they must be very expert with those coils! I mean this is handcraft that we are talking about, not machine-produced stuffs. Are those art pieces costly? I think I better start saving now...

    3. Yes, in mass! It blew my mind to think how they're able to do that! They can be found like everywhere - most are sold at souvenir shops (you can find copies of exact artworks in different places), but I was lucky that I bumped into two quilling shops that sold only quilling artworks. They used slotted tool that was made from needle (with eye tip off)and cushioned it on a cotton bud!

      I think the art pieces were moderately priced, which is why I went a bit crazy and wanted to buy everything hehe. The prices vary from one shop to another. Souvenir shops tend to sell them a bit higher in price. I bought most of mine at quilling shops so they're slightly cheaper. The wooden-based quilling bookmarks were priced at around RM9 per piece (done with 1mm quillings strip - crazy, I know!), a quilling card cost roughly around RM10 -RM15. The bigger frames with detailed quillings were only around RM50 - RM80 per frame. So worth buying!

    4. thanks for the details! ^^

  4. Stunning work! You're lucky you can see them in reality! Birds and the girl in pink are so realistic!

  5. Wow , it is amazing. I am quite new to quilling and it is wonderful to see such work.

  6. stunning art work. One can easily get lost in their beauty!

  7. Glad to know you have visited in Viet Nam. Especially, you like quilling art in our country. Vietnet is one of our business partners. So if you have a chance to come back HCM city, hopefully I can lead you to visit and learn more about quilling art.
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