Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Part 1)

'The royal wedding' is a pun, since my sister's wedding was a day after Will & Kate's. LOL. The wedding took almost all my free time for the past couple of months, since I was determined to make it a totally-handmade-wedding. Yes, I was the self-elected planner, and went a bit over the top with everything (complete with the freak-out before the wedding day LOL). The Royal Wedding will come in few series, and each will feature different types of paper crafts that were made for the wedding. Tonnes of stress, bucket-full of blood and tear spilled LOL, but tonnes of fun as well. :)

First in the series: The Wedding poster.

The quilling  poster was A1 in size, and was done in the very last minute. I started doing the coils a week before the wedding (!) and finished the poster a day before (!!).

This was the only quilling work I've done for the wedding, so it had to be bigger in size haha. I was already in  my hometown when I realised that I left some important tools behind. So I had to use whatever I had and force the niece and nephews (and my brother) to help with the shaping of the coils.(Yeah, I'm a greeaaaattt aunty (sister)!)

As you can see, it's a repeated theme of trees and owls - haha - I would never get tired of them LOL! I used 8 different tones of green/ yellow for the leaves and 3 shades of purple for the letters.

The typography took a while to do, especially the details inside. I didn't even have high hope that I'd be able to finish the poster on time. But I did! Yeay!

Well... the coils were not so neat as they're done in a rush :P Still need to improve on that! I used mostly basic shapes in quilling (teardrop, marquise and tight coil) and the messy version of alternate-side loop technique. The poster was a hit, and we later framed it, thus officially making this my second framed artwork! (The first one would be the miniature quilling hehe).

We displayed the poster right beside the Well Wishes table, which will be featured next! :)


  1. I'm a sucker for anything wedding related... I did my own wedding and my younger sister's too (I even decided her wedding ring *roll eyes*)..

    I love your poster.. I would have fretted over such art if it were to hang bare and naked in a kenduri house.. :( how did you manage not to get it smudged (or stolen for that matter) is amazing!!!

    I love the details and the perfect way you manage to capture it.. beautiful..
    (Would love to have a framed poster of MyBotanG.. would you be able to do one for me..?) e-mail - sueemran(at)gmail(.)com

  2. miyyah, tpt ambik nasik jd jem pasal diorang duk asik menelek benda alah ni je. haha...

    good job!!!!!

  3. miyyah....this is simply AMAZING. You have outdone yourself again.


  4. Wonderful creation. Super stuff!
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

  5. IT's AWSOME great job!!!

  6. Simply fabulous!! Love all your creations :)

  7. This is superbly nicely done!

  8. So'Beautiful!
    Groetjes Baukje

  9. Very beautiful work, I love all the details.

  10. fatin1:38 pm

    kak miyah, design ni dibuka untk tmpahan x?
    sya brminat nk tmpah untk my sis wedding


  11. All i can say is I am awe struck!!!
    WooooooooW!! super

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  13. Anonymous3:00 pm

    salam kak, saya berminat nak tempah? mcm mana ye? price? email me at ana@stabilo.com.my / anaharyanti@rocketmail.com




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