Friday, March 11, 2011

Indescribable Joy

Can you see the blurry blue sky? I like looking at them. It gives me an indescribable joy to do so.

Looking up the sky has become a daily morning habit. On certain days, you could see fluffy white clouds forming, with little grey ones at their sides. Sometimes there are hardly any clouds, that you wonder where they went to hide. On rainy days, the sky's so grey that you really wish the fragile fluffy clouds could survive the day. In the end, they always did anyway. And that, was truly a joy to see.

 I guess it's true what Kahlil Gibran said, "He who hath not looked on sorrow will never see joy." So little clouds, continue surviving! :)

p/s: the winner for the giveaway will be announced this weekend, insyaAllah. :)


  1. are on a roll with these wonderful cards. Can't wait to see what is next. You could do HIS and HERS for a couple...or hug, and the list goes one doesn't it.

    Thanks for bringing me JOY

  2. thanks cheryl!

    I've been on a roll with 3-letter words lately :), perhaps later I could give a try on more words as well. Thank you so much too, for the ideas! :)

  3. wargh! the colour r so modern!!!! eager to see what's next.. more more more!!! :D

  4. You rock at these cards!! love love love them!!! cant wait to see whats next!!

  5. Very nice, colors are great!



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