Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Engagement Ceremony - Part V (Final): The Decorations

I can't usually think straight when my energy level is low. Especially at midnights.

The decorations, and the additional labellings weren't in the original plan, but I think I went a wee bit crazy the midnight before the ceremony, and started printing out some weird things. LOL. (I always do funny things at 12 midnight haha).

First, I printed the mineral water labels, and wrapped around all the mineral bottles.

The tissue and the stone was dad's idea, which I LOVE! We added a glass of water with extra flower from the hantaran. Just a quick, and simple table centrepiece.


Second, I printed the menu cards, and paste them right beside the dishes.

The sad part was, I totally forgot to take the pictures of the food. I wish I could show you how the food looked like! All the food were prepared by my awesome aunties. :). I made the menu labels using simple Photoshop design and laminate them so they could be recycled later hehe.

Third, I started gluing my extra quilled flowers on hairclips, for the little girls.

Erm. Okay. The last picture was of my wicked cousin haha, whom had hapilly demonstrated on how to wear a flower on your head LOL!

The hairclip experiment wasn't really successful, because I didn't use strong enough glue, that the flowers didn't stick very well haha. Well, at least I tried. :P

Phew. Finally, that's the end of my sister's DIY Engagement Ceremony! I have to thank my great assistants (my sisters, aunties and cousins) in making this a success. It's not the end yet, as we have a DIY Wedding to plan! See you then! :)


  1. I loikeeee !! all of them ! Especially the menu cards !

  2. all is great, love the flower in the glass, and the little flowers in the hair are great! you did a fantastic job!

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