Saturday, February 19, 2011

DIY Engagement Ceremony - Part IV: The Favours

A quick one.

These are the favours that were given out during the Engagement Ceremony. The first one was the Ma'thurat, (a mini book of daily prayers), which we bought in bulk, and altered the cover using black and pink theme.

We were trying to avoid using ribbons as much as possible (haha), so instead of using ribbons to tie the booklet, we used cotton string. We are aiming for simplistic design anyway.

The label in the middle was actually printed on a transparency sticker, so it was easier to peel and stick without worrying over the neatness hehe.

Our original plan was only to give these to the guests, but then my dad suggested that we included pears as well (his favourite!).

I have to thank Azilah for the inspiration on using the black netting on favours. Hers were simply superb and very meticulous on the details (especially the fluffily gorgeous flower). Ours were waayyyy more simplistic, and raw haha.

I love the striking green that pops through the netting. Yes, green wasn't in the theme colours, but I'm a green-biased person so I love it anyway haha. We added the same label (but a bit smaller in size) to keep up with the theme.

The design doesn't cost us much, since we save a lot by deciding not using ribbons.We figured that most will throw them anyway, so why wasting beautiful ribbons when you can replace them with cheaper alternative?

With this done, upcoming next, is the last part: The Decorations! Yeay! :)



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