Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boyya the green crocodile

Introducing Boyya, the green crocodile.

He's a small creature the size of my palm, of which I found while trekking in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur. NOT. Trekking and me will never mix haha.(I encountered him while doing Art is Enterprising workshop at Bukit Antarabangsa).

He's a lost soul, and I suspected that he simply forgot where he landed his spaceship. Boyya is a vegetarian, and loves tomatoes very much. He eats a lot of figgs too, without knowing that he's allergic to them - and causes the green spots on his body.

He'sa cheeky crocodile of a unique species, and there're only a few left in the world. He's a creature that craves for attention, and a little diva in his own green-ish way. Thus, I thought I should adopt him and made him a reluctant mascot for Miyyah@Kertas haha.

Hence, meet Boyya!


  1. hahaha! cute giller nama dia kak miyyah! :)) sesuai n i like!

    ala, where's my pic with pak tam si ketam? huhu~ nati dah lapang², akak upload k? ^^

  2. Boyya!!!! Kawaiii!

    Welcome to the world of Miyyah@Kertas (^o^)/...
    sempat jugak aunty angkat Fid ngn As jumpe (observe the 'born' of Boyya, penat tuu) masa bukit antarabangsa :P...hehehehe



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