Monday, May 31, 2010

The Crafter's Block.

I've recently practised on how to schedule my blog entries, which I'm planning on using if things are getting even more haywire on my side. Most of the time I've posted 2 -3 entries per week (sometimes up to 4 - 5 as well). By actually scheduling my blog update, I could easily arrange my update, and could tell you beforehand too :P

Today's entry is actually a continuation of previous entry. These bookmarks were also requested by Shera, and she specifically wanted bookmarks with owls and flowers on them. Here's a pic of the ones with the flowers:

Haven't I told you how much I love green. And nature always inspire me. :P

The truth is, I've been making cards non-stop lately, and by the time I've completed Shera's requests of mini album and the bookmarks, I was totally exhausted. And drained. And thought I couldn't squeeze any of the creative juices anymore. And it took me almost 3 days to finally being able to start on a fresh card. Has it ever happened to you? Crafter's block?

When things are getting exhausted, and I can't think properly, the best thing to do is to just let go of everything, and take a break. Which I did. I stopped myself from getting close to my quilling box for a while.

And here's the bookmark with quilled owls on it.

When people asked me on how long do I take to design a card, I would say at least 2 weeks' notice would be  needed. I would definitely prefer a longer notice, so it won't be done in a rush. The truth is, it's not easy to squeeze your creative juices out of your head, and I usually start sketching from the moment the order was received. That itself would take ages (because I'm indecisive and kept on changing my mind up to the very last minute), and even if the sketching design is final, it didn't even guarantee that the final outcome will be the same. Again, me and my indecisiveness. And surprisingly for me, to quill strips of papers isn't the most difficult part - it was arranging the little quills and transform them into an actual something is. This has always been the part where I almost nearly wreck my brain.

My schedule will be tighter in upcoming weeks (unrelated to craft-making), so I need to organise everything nicely. So pre-schedule blog entries would give me a much-needed boost.


  1. Love these bookmarks! So cute!

  2. first: i always love the colour theme you choose! really looks like it has been inspired by nature :') plus nampak more exclusive! ♥ as slalu mengalami masalah menentukan kombinasi warna.. huhu

    second: the crafter's block?? gimme 5! hehe.. yep always happen to me.. the whole story of kak miyyah share ni, rs cm suke lak sebab igtke sy jek yang mengalami masalah ni.. haha! another thing, as susah nak buat the exact same design for second time. so usually bile orang nak order, mintak catalog ke, terpaksa jujur yang i will make another design for them. tp, bila part perah otak untuk design.. agagagaga~ always stuck! kdg2 imaginasi terlebih.. bila nak apply in quilled, rupa dia da jd lain.. hehuu~



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