Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kiss from a rose.

No, it's not just a rose. It's a bunch of roses. But I love the song, and it fits the theme, so be it. :P And I think everyone should watch this:

I can't even read music notes, but I honestly think he's one amazing guitar prodigy. And his guitar rendition of Kiss From a Rose is simply amazing. He goes by the name Jung Sun Ha and he's just 14! (The above was an old vid). Try watching his other videos and you'll be amazed too. And the fact that he's Korean excites me more (haha - I have a very, very soft spot with anything Korean LOL)

Now let's go back to the card. Hehe. Remember the Another Paper Flower tutorial? Well, these flowers were from the tutorial and had been lying around ever since. So I decided to clear out some compartments from my paper embellishment box and decided to use the flowers on a card.

I still need to improve on my use of other embellishments, because I know ribbons and sparkles and stickers and laces etc are not really my thing (so did pattern papers), so I would normally limit their usage on my crafts to the minimum. I always envy those who could use these and make some gorgeous cards/ arts, since I still struggle to use mine. :P Hey, there's still room for improvement, right? Hehe.

I love these blooming flowers. And just because I'm feeling rather blue today, here's another video from Jung Sun Ha - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. Yes, I'm a sucker for oldies, and I love raindrops.

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  1. Salam,

    Kalo sy nk awk buatkan kad exactly mcm ni bleh x...?
    nk bg hadiah kat my fiancée on my engagement day...
    how much is it...?



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