Tuesday, March 02, 2010

All things paper

One of my favourite online blogs that I have to check everyday is Ann's blog. Even when there's no new entries posted, her previous entries would be enough to make your jaw drop, and your hands itchy to start crafting using papers. At least that's what always happen to me hehe.

I've been lurking in her blog since last year, while googling and quilling blog hopping. I always thought of Ann as one of the best quilling teachers online, and have always admired all her works. I've learned a great deal from her tutorials and her videos. She always featured inspiring paper crafters from all around the world too, so of course I'm totally hooked!

When she first left her comment on one of my entries - I got so excited, and had to reread few times, just to make sure. And boy it felt great. And inspiring. And making me want to improve even more. :)

The reason I'm writing about her today is to share a great news - Ann's blog is having it's first anniversary, and is having a giveaway - and there's no better giveaway than a QUILLING BOOK! Isn't it a delicious giveaway?

She's giving away this book to one lucky reader, from any part of the world. It would be nice it I win, but it would definitely be nicer if I could bring even more quilling beginners to participate. Or even win. Especially from Malaysia, since it's so hard to find quilling books/ quillers in Malaysia. So here's your chance to win the book. Just click on THIS LINK for further details ok!

Hey, even if you don't win, as least I'm glad that I have the chance to introduce Ann's blog to you. :)


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely post about my blog and giveaway! Your blog is so much fun to visit as you're always trying new things.

  2. It's always a joy to read comments from you Ann! The post is the least I can do to spread the words about your wonderful blog :)



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