Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Calendar v. 3.0

A promised, this is the belated birthday present that accompanied the previously mentioned Flaming Lily card. Yes, it's already February, so January calendar card is no longer valid, but there are still 8 months + to go, so hopefully she would be able to make full use of the calendar.

This calendar was actually made together with the brown calendar, and actually one of those few encounters that I had with pattern papers.

Since the other one was made in brown, complimenting the new owner of the calendar, this one was made in red, and made thinking of the new owner as well.

I think red suited her cheerful and bubbly personality best, and she adores anything in vibrant colours. And the white butterfly was from one of those earrings that I wrote the last time.

And I threw in a red bookmark as well (it wasn't actually part of the gift, but I just threw it in because it matches the card, and the calendar and she just love this matchy2 stuff haha.

Now the whole set totally reminds me of Chinese New Year Celebration!

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