Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Experimental Phase

These cards are more of experimental type, trying my hand at new designs. Okay, not everything is new, but it's kind of refreshing to see different types of flowers and different types of designs once in a while.

This also marks the first time I received cards order from a birthday guy to be given to his friends, on his birthday. In a way, it's sort of announcing to everyone "Hey, I'm turning 25 today!" in a stylish way haha. Since he gives me full authority to design what I want, the way I want (as long as I put some quilling design on them), here's how the cards look like.

He's seen my other cards with quilled flowers on them, and had taken a liking for those kind of cards, so I threw in few quilled flowers on some cards:

(please mind the quality of some cards - took pictures at 4 am right after I finished making them, so the lighting wasn't really good, and my eyes had too heavy of eyebags to see clearly :P)

(Basically these are repeated designs but with slight change on each of them so they'd have individualised version of their own)

Then I started doing my own thing:

This has to be my favourite so far - love green, love yellow, and love the soft effect the colours gave on the white card. :) Will definitely make these kind of cards again hehe. Need to experiment using other colours as well!

The next one was actually inspired by a notebook that I found at MPH. It came in set of 3-4, with some quirky, modern design on each, and I fell in love with all the designs. I secretly took pictures with my phone (bad quality, but good enough for my eyes), and ever since planned to use the design on one of my cards. It did however, come out differently from the original design that I saw.

Somehow there's some 70's feel to this card. Hmm... the glitter purple ribbon maybe?

And the next design was inspired by... IKEA quilt bedsheet. Hehehehhe... only at IKEA you would get such a design with black flowers and still looked good.

He actually took up 15 cards, but thanks to my absent mind, I only took pictures for the 10 of them. Great, isn't it? :P

I'll post up the rest of the cards later.. with some other cards that I made ages ago, but simply forgot to snap and post them online. :)

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  1. Buat kalian ada yang BARU nih sayangi GEDGET kalian yaaa:) banyak INFORMASI yang bakal kalian tau dengan lihat link-link ini langsung saja yuuu:)



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