Sunday, October 04, 2009

Little Black Box

So okay, it's not that little. In fact, it's the biggest-sized box out of all the boxes on the rack haha. This is not my first time trying to alter a simple box, I've done shoe boxes before, but this is my first completed project, and the most put-efforts project I've ever done.

It took me half a day to complete this project. By this I meant I skipped lunch, and had late dinner for this project (It's true!). I took a break for about 15 minutes every few hours or so though. Like most of my other craft projects, I never had any specific design in mind. I decided on the colours beforehand, and the rest of the ideas normally come during the process itself. Which is why it took me longer time than usual to complete this one simple black box. Plus, the quilling was a bit harder to handle, since I used different sets of papers for the design. Instead of of using the normal A4 coloured papers like I used to, I've started to use environment-friendly construction papers (that are meant for craft projects). The papers were in different texture, so the result was quite different from what I expected. Nonetheless, I HEART the colours, and the outcome. So I'm going to stick with the papers for quite sometimes. :)

I don't know what to do with the box yet, and have no idea on whether to use the box for myself, or send it out as a gift, or sell it for those interested haha. But I guess I would keep this for a while, because I know how special this black box is, since the day I spent making it -was on my birthday! October the 3rd! Haha. Way to used up your birthday, huh!

Oh well, not sure bout anyone else, but I hardly spend my birthdays with others but myself. It's my day, after all, so I believe I should spend it the way I wanted to. And yes, I prefer quiet birthdays. :)

Now my main priority has just shifted (finally finished my dissertation yeay!), so maybe I should start taking orders again. Anyone?

Till later then, toodles!


  1. Wow! This is so gorgeous!
    The combination of colors is fantastic, in other projects too.

  2. This is amazing like all I have seen on your blog. Congratulations for the fantastic work!

  3. salam
    nk tanya...awk guna kertas ape ye tu?
    sy nk blajar buat..huu...

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