Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm getting addicted to quilling, and I started to ignore lots of other types of crafts I used to do. Hehe. Blame it on the paper shredder. When you put the shredder beside the laptop and starts seeing things online, things keep on getting out of hand.

*Need to restrain myself until after my thesis completed by end of the month* (repeat chants pls)

I just want to share this simple card, also made out of the quilling addiction, and designed after basic quilling flowers that everybody should do if they're interested in quiling.

The strips of papers were not made from the shredder, but were done using the paper cutter. I told myself that in order for me to start using the shredder to shred more papers, I need to finish off the 'old shredded paper stock' hehehe. I still have a few strips left, but most of the 'old' strips were used up. And here's one of the examples.

The slim basket/vase was handwoven - tricky at start, but it was better after a while. Oh, btw I start using glue stic to attach the ends of the papers. Unlike the normal sticky wet glue, the stic is easier to handle, and dries very fast. And it hardly leaves any mark on the quilled paper.

So give it a try! (It's so hard to find fellow Malaysians who are into quilling, so I'm promoting quilling on full scale now :P)

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