Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Name tag update!

It's hot stuff!

Since 2-letter words would be too short for a name, I've been thinking and decided to change the list a lil bit. Latest list for the name tag offer is:

3-letter word
1. Sha
2. Ina

4-letter word
1. Ajim
2. Lynn
3. Kiki
4. Tita

5-letter word
1. Farha
2. Farah
3. Ezzan

6-letter word

Hurry up! ONE more name tag for grab! (Closing date: 5.00 pm on 8th July 2008)


  1. that's seven letters..

  2. eh.. 8 (see I dont know how to count haha)

  3. ala..hehe 4 + 4 boleh kan :P

    p/s: kiki , boleh? with a pink hehe my international name kui3

  4. kiki sounds fine to me muahahahah...

  5. miyyah, aku pun nak name tag gak! Fill in what you're missing. TITA. AZITA. Erm, last resport if u lack 6 letters then BAIZURA. Erk..

    u have been blogging here at a rapid pace! baru berape hari tak visit dah perghhhhh byk updates! and yes, i do agree tho for the nature of this blog, your readers and craftlovers are waiting to read ur updates daily - keep up the updating!

  6. i'll put tita since the due date is on tuesday and i could save my foam stickers with shorter names hahaha.

    am a bit worried with the pressure on having to update daily... i can't promise anything (given the upcoming hectic schedule) but I'll try my best (to at least post a card a day ;p

  7. yeay!! TITA is what I like most hehe

    if ur online, pasang la gmail chat

  8. aku hari2 pasang google talk

    what's yr nick?

  9. 3 letter name => i.n.a.




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