Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lovescrap Queen 2008 - Challenge 3

Challenge #3 - Paper Doll Layout

Bagaimana semua challenger? Dah bersedia untuk challenge yang seterusnya?
Ok, untuk round no.3:-
- Poppet/Paper doll Layout
- hasilkan layout dari popper/paper doll
- paper atau digi.
- Samaada print dari link di atas, atau mana-mana link lain yang anda tahu atau hasilkan paper doll anda sendiri
- just play n having fun girls!
- 50 point untuk layout terbaik yang akan dipilih oleh juri jemputan
Point : 20
Tarikh tutup : 11.59malam 22 July
Contoh :-

picture dari http://scrapwitch.blogspot.com

I have the basic idea of what I plan to do for the 3rd challenge, but need to restrain myself from doing it this early. I have 4 chapters to read before Wednesday night and 2 articles to cover before Friday. And that does not include my -need-to-be-revised research proposal. Will InsyaAllah start scrapping by Friday night, after class.


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  1. hey thats me...love to see scrapbooking being shared all over the world...please leave me a comment on my blog when you drop by...your poppets are so cute .thanks for the link back to my page



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