Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quilled Roses

Here's the tutorial on how to make quilled roses. I found the instructions online somewhere years back but failed to retrieve the website now. I've posted the instruction here, but just in case you've missed it (or you're not part of the forum members), I'll put up another one here.

These are the explanations on what quilling is about...

There are many ways of quilling paper roses, but I found this to be the easiest way.

You would need:
1. Scissors

2. Coloured papers
3. Paper Glue (preferably acid free)

Firstly, cut out an oval/circle shape out of the coloured paper. I prefe
r to start with a square first so it would be easier to get to the shape. It doesn't matter if you have an uneven shape.

Then, cut out the shape into a swirl (see pic below)

Start rolling the paper from point A to point B. You can use quilling needle or toothpick or simply your hand to do this step.

When you reach point B and you have technically formed your rose, hold the rose by gluing the part shown in the picture.

For the outer petals, cut out 2 heart shapes and trimmed the dotted line.

Hold the heart so that it would be on top of each other and glue at shown arrow.

So now we have a rose, and two petals to be attached together.

Put glue at the base of one of the petals and attached the rose together.

Make sure your adhesive is dry enough before you start gluing the other petal. It'd be better if you could get a triangle base at the rose bottom as it would be easier to attach to your art projects later on.

And this is the final result. You can use this as parts of your embellishments for your scrapbooks, cards, bookmarks etc.

These are some examples of the roses used in my art projects.


Gift Tag

Bookmark (a part of Lovescrap May Challenge)


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