Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new beginning

I've been planning to have a special blog on my crafty stuff ages ago, but only now manage to put it up for the world to see. I love papers. I love everything related to papers. The fact is, I am addicted to papers. And everything hand-made. My first love lie in hand-made cards (I have tons of them and still counting!) that I start designing ever since high school, and late got serious about it when I was in university. Later I started on altered arts - transforming anything and everything junk into works of art. I've expanding my crafty side by taking up the latest craze, scrapbooking, be it paper or digital scrapping

Contradict to what we have in stores, I believe that everything handmade should look expensive and high in quality even if the materials used are cheap. Given the fact that I'm always on tight budget, I always find alternatives to my crafty skills, and believe if you put strong heart and mind on something, you can do it, even with limited tools. Yes, my tools are very limited. Despite that, I'm still proud to say that most of my embellishments are also paper-made with love.

I'm still in school (grad school that is) and plan to be in school for at least few more years. Hahha. And of course, I'll be working at the same time. Thus, it would be very difficult to balance between work and play, study and having fun. All I can say, I'll try my best, Insya Allah.

So enjoy your stay!

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