Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Art of Painting

I was never a good art student back in school. I love arts, I can draw, I'm good at cutting shapes but when it comes to paint, I failed miserably. That's why my art papers were always ranged between a B to C+. Its not that I did not try, I really did. But I guess my hands were not steady enough to paint things.

But I had a blast painting with the my niece and nephews today. And the best part was, I ended up making my very first pattern paper! Ok. So it wasn't as great as other pattern paper, but still, I made it myself so that really made my day! Therefore, am very proud to present to you guys my first ever, hand-made pattern paper... TADAAA...

Not bad, isn't it. Of course, if you click the picture and when you see the real deal, you can actually detect the unerased pencil lines and some very uneven paintings going on hehe. Well, what I really did was I draw my design with pencil (and freehand circle seemed to be the easiest to do) before started to paint using my niece's watercolour. When the painting's dry, I use black pen to redraw the lines. Because the painting itself was a mess, sometimes I had to draw new lines to replace the previous lines (if you understand what I mean!)

So, after finishing the masterpiece, I decided to make new cards based on the drawing. So, I ended up making 2 cards and a gift tag:

Onto the individual cards - the first one (you can click for better view)

This is the 2nd card..

And this is the gift tag (from the leftover card)

Don't they look artistically messy? Or is it messily artistic? :P

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